Lesion Removal

Lesion Removal

We use Plasma ablation or diathermy to remove lesions type depending. This allows us cauterise the tissue as we simultaneously remove the lesion resulting in no stitches. We can do multiple lesions in one sitting the amount depends on how large or complex they are to remove.

There is no downtime after this procedure which means you can return to your usual daily activities immediately after. Aftercare is simple also, just keep the area dry and clean until fully healed


Milia £50
Skin Tags £60
Warts/verrucas £60
Sebaceous hyperplasia £60
Moles £80
Seborrheic keratosis £80
Actinic keratosis £80
Thread veins/Spider veins £60
Cherry Angiomas £60

Thread vein removal

Short Wave Diathermy (or electro-coagulation as it is sometimes called) is a very effective method for treating thread veins and spider veins on the face.

What are spider veins?
Spider veins, which are also known as dilated capillaries, broken veins and red veins, are very common.

There are a number of reasons they appear such as
*sensitive skin
*sun exposure or extreme temperature, *smoking, medication
*skin care products
*hereditary predisposition.

Regardless of the cause, people who have visible veins often feel self-conscious of them.

How many treatments are recommended?
About 4 to 6 weeks after your first treatment you should have a good idea of how successful the treatment was. At this time, if needed, you can schedule a follow-up appointment to determine if further treatment will be required. Factors that impact the number of treatments needed include the size and nature of veins.

What are the benefits of diathermy (spider vein treatment)?
Short wave diathermy is very safe, comfortable and highly effective. It is also an affordable alternative to other vein removal methods. With minimal down time and long-term results, this is a great treatment for giving you clear skin!

Are there any health issues that could impact the success of diathermy (spider vein treatment? Yes
*disorders of the heart
*vascular or blood clotting issues
*recent face surgery.
*Blood thinners (anticoagulants )inc large doses if Aspirin

How long will it take to heal?
You may experience slight discomfort, burning sensation. This should calm down quickly. You may see an immediate disappearance of the veins treated but in general they can take 4-6 weeks to fade. Crusting may occur; this is due to tiny rust spots along the treated veins.most clients will be fully healed in 10-14 days

Thread vein treatment £45 per session


Xanthelasma (also known as xanthelasma palpebra) is a well-circumscribed flat or slightly elevated yellowish growth that typically occurs on or around the eyelids. It is made up of cholesterol deposits (plaques) that accumulate underneath the skin


How we treat xanthelasma

We use Plasma ablation to remove the plaques. This allows us to melt away the fat and cauterise the skin and tiny vessels all in one go. The treatment is comfortable as we numb you prior.

How many treatments will I need?

In most cases one treatment is enough to fully remove or reduce the plaques enough for client satisfaction.

Will they return?
In most instances clients remain plaque free long term or have years without the plaques. Sometimes the plaques may return, usually at the same rate they appeared in the first place this is often due to cholesterol, medical or hereditary issues.

Will I scar?

With all soft surgical treatments there is the chance of scaring. Our method of removal is safe and unlikely to scar.