Fibroblast skin tightening is a non-surgical,non-invasive skin lifting and tightening treatment. This revolutionary treatment reduces excess skin associated with hooded eyes and under eye bags .

Fibroblast tightens and smooth’s wrinkles and fine lines and is suitable for both face and body applications. The results are often seen immediately with continued improvement to follow as the skin heals.

Collagen production will reach full capacity after 3-9 months. The treatment results are permanent lasting three to five years as you continue to age naturally.

One treatment may be all you require to achieve the results you desire (majority of clients fall in to this category) all though you may have further treatments spaced 6 weeks or more apart. Maximum of 4 per area.

There is no associated down time with this treatment, you can resume normal activities immediately after how ever you will have tiny carbon dots over the treated area therefore you may wish to take a few days off until they have came away, usually 7 days or so.

(Topical anaesthetic is used prior to treatment)

Hooded Eye Reduction £499
Under Eye Bag Reduction £299-£399
Crows Feet £299-£399
Brow Lift £249
Nasolabial Folds(nose to mouth) £249
Lip Lines (top or bottom) £399 Both £599
Neck Lift £599-£999
Mid Face Lift £999
Lower Face Lift £999
Full Face Lift £1599
Full Face Lift including Neck £1999
Hands £399
Stomach £399-599
Top of Arms from £499
Inner Thighs from £499
Other areas available upon request